Solid Wood Flooring

by Hampshire Flooring, the wood floor fitting experts Southampton & Portsmouth

With many years of experience in flooring Fareham, we should know by now what it takes to install real wood and engineered wooden floors. It’s important to get the sub floor and environmental conditions right from the start. Without the correct conditions and expertise it’s a recipe for disaster…

Dust Control – This can be a major problem and needs to be addressed before floor laying can begin.

Door / Door Frame Trimming – You will need to decide whether to have the flooring installed around the door trim or get the latter cut and the flooring inserted underneath

Increased Moisture of the Air & Subfloors – Moisture is the major reason behind most unsuccessful floor installations.

The Subfloor should be clean, levelled, sound and dry

We are very confident to be able to supply you with the best service that is possible and we are also are very competitively priced with regards to flooring Fareham.

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